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Aitchison has raised the  bar yet again with a redesigned seed drill specifically aimed at making even lighter work of reseeding or renovating existing pastures. Engineered to exceed your expectations with a raft of new and improved features, the Aitchison Grassfarmer range of drills come in a choice of models. Built with the sort quality workmanship you'd expect from a company that has build seed drills for more than 40 years, the Grassfarmer models are available as tine and t-boot or as concave disc opener versions.


PÖTTINGER seed drill machines meet the highest specifications on functionality, operating safety and performance. Unique metering systems, uniform seed placement and convenient operation are among our trademarks.


The Zocon products are imported by our sister company, Colac Ag. These are an universal unit that can be mounted on Powerharrows, Harrows. Under Zocon unbrella is a Grasskeeper with these mounted on them.


The GIGANTE model has a great operational capacity and therefore high productivity levels combined with a folding frame for easy transport on road. High autonomy, down time reduced to a minimum, along with a precise distribution bring efficiency to top levels.

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