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Silage Wagon

Ever increasing production costs at the same or lower price levels force modern farming operations to constantly review the costeffectiveness of each step in the harvesting process. The self-loading wagon – proven over decades of success – increases its significance still further.


Green Cut & Carry Wagons, it takes the grass from the paddock to the cows
  • Our self-loading cutter wagons are manufactured in various models and sizes to meet the requirements both of extensive areas of level terrain, and of mountainous or hilly areas.
  • All of the machine’s movements can be controlled, according to customer requirements, by fixed mechanical levers, movable mechanical levers (which can be placed inside the cabin of the towing vehicle) or electro-hydraulic controls by means of a keypad (which can also be placed inside the cabin of the towing vehicle).
  • On request, forage can be discharged directly into feeding troughs by means of a dedicated belt, or with special dosing rollers

The silage wagons marketed under the name of Siwa are known for their soundness and reliability. The Siwa has an all-steel body, reinforced side panels and a solid cage construction. This makes the machine suitable for harvesting both grass and maize.

Also there is the Rapide models of Loader Wagons. For over 25 years, Schuitemaker has been producing the Rapide precision chop loader wagon for the worldwide market. This multipurpose loader wagon belongs to the top of the market, because of its outstanding quality and performance. The newest developments make the Rapide even more compact and efficient with a wealth of technical improvements.

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