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Maschio round balers are designed for maximum flexibility and reliability in every condition. Delicate on hay and perfect on wet forage, very good even with difficult products such as stalks and straw. Outstanding durability, high working capacity, bale perfectly formed, compact and very heavy, Maschio round balers make a profitable investment. They come in fixed & variable camber models, with options of knives.


Pottinger round balers are two proven systems united in one machine: rollers in the front section; bar conveyor in the rear section. The heavy duty machines for continuous operation in rough conditions.


At the heart of these balers is their ability to save time. Vicon balers have proven accurate and reliable, and have the ability to extend the net beyond the edge of the bale, allowing a perfect wrap every time. 

Setting and selecting the correct bale density, according to the crop and its condition, is simple using pre-selected bale settings. Customising bale density is achieved using 3 separate zones to match individual requirements.


Good and consistent compacting speeds up the start of the fermentation process. This is how you retain the crops’ essential nutrients for the best-quality feed. High-density bales contain more crops, thereby saving you work, material costs and storage space.

Lely Welger balers offer the best compacting and also the highest pick-up capacity. Through the complete intake system, with its unique hydroflex control system, the driver can comfortably bale the maximum quantities of crops.

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